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[How]New Joomla 4 (incredible) plugin with Mautic 4 plugin & integration?

Hi guys!

I know you had an old Joomla plg before to integrate Joomla 3 for Mautic and wonder how to set up the new Mautic 4 with latest new released Joomla 4 (incredible), that also support php 8 and Bootstrap 5.1.

I want to use both new Joomla 4 and new Mautic 4 for this set up.

Q: Does Mautic 4 also support php 8 and Bootstrap 5 now so it can work with new Joomla 4? Any tips appreciated. Thks!


A Joomla plugin would be great. In the meantime I am using Pagebuilderck as my Joomla4 content editor and the mautic form code can be inserted with the drag and drop code field in that cck. Joomlashack analytics plugin is good for all tracking codes.