How to Configure Rmail attachments

I am giving away some PDFs for visitors to my site who provide their emails.
I have already set up 2-step authentication and built the Campaign.
But right now, I am confused about how to send the files themselves. So when they confirm their emails they are supposed to be sent the email containing the PDFs (or links to download the PDFs.

What is standard practice?
Is it to attach the PDFs to the email (if so, HOW?)
Is it to upload the PDFs to my amazon account and get the link and insert it into the email (if so, HOW?)

Not done either before


You can do this pretty easily inside Mautic.

On the left menu click on Components -> Assets. Then add your PDF as an asset.

In the automated email you are setting up click on the advanced Tab and you can then choose the asset you want to attach to the email.

Hope that helps.