How to connect Mautic with google tag manager?

Hi everyone
I recently installed Mautic 4.0.1 and I would to know how to connect Mautic to Google Tag Manager?
Is there any document?

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What are your use cases exactly?
For example are you

  1. Trying to install the tracking script with Google Tag Manager? Installing the tracking script | Mautic
  2. Or send Mautic form submit events to data layer?

I may be able to help with #1 above.

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Here is my scenario:

  1. Update custom field to show user paid status (trial or paid)
  2. Create Mautic form
  3. When user login to website if his/her status is trial show the form to him (by Google Tag Manager)
  4. In Mautic I can trigger (like +2 point and change user segment) if the form submit
  5. In Mautic get report who submitted the form and who just left the form.
    is it possible?

Hello, it looks like you are trying to render a Mautic form on a webpage if based on the user profile on the website. I do think it is possible, not sure if it is the best way to do that though.
Everything you mentioned does sound possible. You might not even need GTM for this use case.
I am sorry I am not able to help with the specifics in this case. Good luck! And I would be eager to know how it went.

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I agree: This can easily be done through Mautic Dynamic Web content, not GTM :slight_smile:

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I would like to show specific forms or modal to users, base on segment.
after show the form or modal to user is it possible change user segment automatically?
for example:
form 1 —> for user in segment 1 ------> change user segment to segment 10
form 2 —> for user in segment 2 ------> change user segment to segment 11