How to craft a normal email with text aligned to the left without using html?


Just trying to set up a Mautic campaign but I’m not able to create a mail with the text aligned to the left side.

The default option is centred, and looks a bit weird! Any tips?

Don’t want to use HTML for it! as the VA needs to be able to write the copy and HTML is not an option :cara_ligeramente_sonriente:
Thank you!

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Emails are always in plain text or html.
If you make an email in the builder it will always be html.

Here is an example of some simple HTML. The text will be aligned left.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><meta charset="utf-8"/>
This is an email with text aligned to the left.<br />
And this is a new line.

If you choose the “code mode” template and you go to the builder you will see a LOT of HTML, and the line:

<table align="center"

The content of the email will be in a table, which is centered.

You can replace the HTML code in the builder with the simple example I gave above. And you will have an email with the text aligned to the left.

It is nice to have some knowledge of HTML when making emails. When hiring a VA you should select one with a bit of knowledge of HTML. You don’t need much, but when you do not even know some simple tags like <head> and <body> you will have problems making emails.