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How to customize error pages

I’ve searched for this in Google, but I didn’t found anything useful.

Is there a way to customize the pages shown by Mautic when an error occurs?

For example, I recently got a 500 Error and the page is of Mautic.

I’d like to customize it: is there a way to do this?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but you can define your own error pages directly on Apache/NginX.

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately this is not a solution as I’m trying to understand how to change the Mautic’s own error pages.

When an error occurs, Mautic shows a custom error page with a generic message and with the mascotte.

I think this is something related to Symfony, but I’m afraid that acting on the Symfony configuration I will lose it on next update.

So, before doing anything, I’d like to know if the Mautic’s team has implemented any way to customize the pages directly from Mautic (via control panel r command line or custom script… I don’'t know)…


You’ll have to create your own plugin to do something like that.