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How to filter or report on contacts based on events


I am very new to Mautic so please excuse what is probably a really basic question!

We are using Mautic with a WordPress website, using the Mautic WordPress plugin. Under ‘Contacts’ we can see people who are visiting to the website and by clicking on a contact we can see all the WordPress pages and posts that they have visited. So far so good.

Now I would like to see what is happening as a result of our social media activity. When someone clicks through to our site from a link in a LinkedIn post, the post that they visit is recorded under their contact record in Mautic. But I cannot find a way to filter the contacts by that specific post or to create a report.

As I said, I’m very new to Mautic, so I may be missing something obvious or approaching this the wrong way.

Please can you give me some advice or pointers?

Please can you help me find a solution to this? If there is a document which I’ve missed which contains the answer, please let me know. Alternatively if I’m asking for something which Mautic doesn’t do, it would be good to know.