How to find a developer?

I need a developer that can help me with a specific project.

I essentially want to use Mautic as a content locker for a Wordpress blog.

In essence I would like to give users a certain number of Wordpress articles for free, but after that, they would have to fill out a form and become a known user.

I only want to use Mautic for this, however. I don’t want users to have to register on my site. In essence, Mautic would act as a “paywall” (not really, since it’s free, they just need to provide their phone and email).

As I understand it, the Mautic API can do this, however it’s far outside the scope of my knowledge.

Please make a post in #commercial :slight_smile:

PM me, I am a mautic developer and have build many plugins in mautic.