How to hide conjunction if not exists?

How do I hide conjunction “and” if the Spouse first name does not exist in contact’s database.

I do have a custom field ‘spousefirstname’ in every contacts.

Dear {contactfield=firstname} and {contactfield=spousefirstname}

But not every contacts are married so is there a way to hide the conjunction “and” if the spousefirstname is blank in contact field?

Thank you

It’s really easy to make with the Twig Templates plugin. Have you ever used it?

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No, I wasn’t aware that it exists.

I wanted to make sure I understood this clearly since English isn’t my primary language. Twig template plugin is a 3rd party right? It’s a php templating script? We can use php in emails?

I looked in configuration → Plugins and I don’t see a Twig template plugin listed in there. Where do I grab this plugin from?

Thank you!

Is this the plugin you are posting about?

Yep. That plugin should do the trick. We’ve bought it for several clients and been happy with it.

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Thank you for letting me know and sharing your experience with this plugin!

@joeyk @steverobinson

Thank you for suggesting the plugin. We brought it and got it working on the first setup. Just exactly the way we wanted.

Thanks again!

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