How to Run Mautic and personal Website on the same domain?

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My Mautic version is: v2.16.2
My PHP version is: PHP Version

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My problem is:
Hello, I have installed Mautic to my ubuntu server using this instructions

When I access my server through Web client using it gets redirected to the home folder wich is and I get login window of the Mautic, everything is fine with it and it works like a charm.

What do I need to do to make my Homepage accessible at , and what I want after that is that I can manually input to access the Mautic.

So, when I access my server through I want to see my homepage and not Mautic login screen, and I want to be able to manually access the Mautic using adress . Can it be done on the same domain and how?

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

Did you install Mautic on a subdomain?

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Hi tobsowo. Yes, I’m using

This isn’t really a Mautic related question.
It’s a basic question of how to configure VirtualHosts which really belongs on a forum like Server Fault, and not on the Mautic Community Forum. Sorry for not being more helpful but this is really something you should be able to Google as it’s a basic and common question.

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I was thinking about and mildly understand what is VirtualHosts, but I want to stay on the same subdomain without making another one just for my personal Website.
If that can be done with virtual hosts please point me in the right direction.


I am not the most technical person and TBH never got this working, but here is a link that might help:

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Thanks mikew. It will help in some way or another.

Ok, I made one new subdomain on an existing subdomain and went the VirtualHosts route. I’ll change Mautics web adress to newly created sub-subdomain, and I will set existing old subdomain to be web adress to my personal website.
Thank you everyone!

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It is possible to use both Mautic and, for example, Wordpress (for your pages) in the same hosting.

Choose a hosting provider that allows you to install software with tools like Softaculous.
Siteground had a cheap option with SSH, CRON Jobs and Terminal access based on cPanel. This changed recently, you have to check with them.

Another alternative is to use Liquidweb with WHM + cPanel for greater control.

Install Wordpress in your root directory
Install Mautic in the /mautic/ directory

In that case: will show your wordpress will have the mautic install

Best luck,


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Thank you Alejandro.- for the instructions.

I’m using Bluehost, the installation went a OK.
But I am having problem on Email Settings, I tried both elasticemail (yesterday) & amazon ses (today) but both failing on test connection.

sample error:
Connection could not be established with host [Connection refused #111]

Smpt ports were block by Bluehost? plus worst support :frowning:

Now I am looking for a good shared hosting that could run mautic without a problem.

I am looking at a2hosting and siteground.
Do you have any experience setting up a working Mautic on either of them?


I have Siteground and works like a charm, but I have the “agency VPS”, which includes WHM and cPanel.
Some companies are getting rid of cPanel as cPanel increased licensing prices, so you have to check with them if your hosting selection includes cPanel. If yes, you’ll have access to a x3 o magic_lantern cPanel where you can use Softwaculous for the mautic and wordpress install (remember, mautic in the /mautic subdir), and also Let’s Encrypt, Email, DNS (for DKIM and SPF), CRON jobs and a Terminal for ssh commands (troubleshooting).
Hope this helps.

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This is the Mautic - SES - Bluehost related forum. You’ll find your answers here.