How to track clicks in SMS?

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I’m trying since a while to track a clicks in SMS with the campaign builder. However, unable to get the click report and make journeys more holistic based on the SMS clicked activity.

Tracking clicks. An be tricky: you need to use tracking links. This is an option anyone can enable in the Twilio plugin for example. However using a tracking script means adding a link to the sms: (long link).
If you do that your sms might be longer then 140 characters and will be broken down into 3-4 sms messages generating 3-4x the cost of sending the sms. Not to mention that it might not even work as the link will arrive in 3 messages.

I see there is an option to add in a shortened url service as well - I have never done this, but would be interested to see how it works with link tracking

Maybe something like integrating YOURLS with Mautic.

I think this would be a worth while feature.

I don’t believe there is any support natively to use Mautic with a custom domain that could generate a character limited ShortURL for a SMS campaign….? I haven’t tried Bitly personally but would interested to know if this works in context to an SMS campaign.

I do think it makes sense to leverage an existing Mautic functionality to register a different CNAME alias for links that would overwrite the campaigns url (optionally) in favor of the ShortURL + short URL params.

@joeyk domain module he built would be a great candidate to build from. He has done excellent work already that I think could be utilized.

Primary Mautic Domain=
ShortURL CName Domain= —>
ShortURL Param Character Limit = 7
Generated URL=

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