How to trigger an external process (via REST API) from compaign workflow?

Hi! I’d like to create a ticket in Jira Servicedesk whenever a contact has moved into a special segment. For this i need to call a middleware via REST API whenever the campaign workflow comes to a specific point.
With the API call itself could be a simple POST having some basic values from the contact added as form params (even coded in URL).
How could this be done?

Hi there @imog

I am not sure about this but maybe you could use the Action “Send a Webhook”

Let me know if this helps.


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AH, great, thanks, i give it a try!

Seem to work somehow, still searching. I wonder how to debug those? Which cron-event must be called to trigger a hook?
console mautic:webhooks:process

I made a little debug-rest-endpoint and can tell that it works like a charm! :slight_smile:

`POST /rest_test.php HTTP/1.1

HTTP headers:
Host: localhost:81
Accept: /

Request body:


Now, what i try to do here is to create servicetickets in a Jira Servicedesk system via API.