I need to contact "the administrator" - I can't join the slack community... Any help welcome

I found here Mautic Community On Slack that I can join the devel team there in Slack.

But when I set my email in the box here:

I get this:

It says I must contact the administrator. And telling {} (which is not very verbose).

And if I follow the link above… (the one that says use this if you have problems with the form), it says this:

So… Administrator!! I call you!

cc: @rcheesley

Please ensure that you are accessing Slack with the same email address as you put in the invitation form. The error you are seeing (there’s been a glitch) is with Slack rather than with Mautic so I can’t help with that part! Maybe also try not using SSO if you were using that, and instead create a user/pw for Slack?