I need to test with an older version

Hy everyone,
im THE noob.
I was able to install the latest version. Had to upgrade PHP but that´s when my problems started.
I have a prestashop version that works with php until 7.2 but current version uses 7.4

so i was searching and the version i should use is 3.1.2

i will make a new installation and downgrade php so my presta works good again, but since i used the production package with the latest, to be able to use the version 3.1.2 i had to download via github.

Since im THE noob, i dont know how to install and need assitance. I downloaded the files and are these:


how do i install these packages?
i imagine i have to unzip mautic-3.1.2.zip and then replace with 3.1.2-update.zip?
but why there is the 3.1.2.zip?

btw: i couldnt find the production packages of these versions anywhere. Sorry if im THE noob. Trying to learn.


Hi there @viniciusmagrin and thanks for posting here to ask for help!

Here’s the requirements for each version of Mautic: Requirements - Mautic Community which should help in the future to understand the versions you need to use.

I’d be very cautious using such an old version of PHP and Mautic - you’re vulnerable to several significant security issues. Might it be safer to put Mautic on another environment where you can use the current versions (and then update your shop to a safe version, too)? For example on its own VPS?

That being said, to answer your questions, when you download the files from GitHub you’ll want the x.x.x.zip file. The -update one allows you to update to that version from an older version. The other two are source code which include all the automated tests and whatnot which you don’t need in production.

To install you follow the steps from the documentation that you would for any normal Mautic install - unzip the compressed file, then follow the user interface when you access the URL where you’ve dropped the files.

Regarding the ‘production packages’ - these are the x.x.x.zip files from GitHub - we just make the latest one available via a form at Download - Mautic Community :slight_smile: