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I want to report people added to a segment between two dates

Okay I have chosen the data source -> Contacts: Segment Membership
I go to the data table and I can see no way of sorting a specific segment by a specific set of dates.

This seems like it should be do able maybe I am missing something.

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to filter by date added to a segment?


I’m trying to do exactly the same thing. Did you ever figure out a solution? None of the date fields seem to be about when they were added.


Did any find the solution to this?
I am trying to see the growth of segments between dates and I don’t know where to find this information

I haven’t yet.

Hi There is a solution for this if you are prepared to go into the mysql database itself.
If you look in the lead_lists_lead table you will be able to query that to get what you want.

Here is a simple query which will just give you the count of leads added to a specific segment over a specific period of time:

select count(lead_id) from lead_lists_leads where date_added >= “2021-07-01%” and date_added <= “2021-07-18%” and leadlist_id = 33;