How to get the Contacts after a perticular dateAdded via API call

i am new to Mautic ,
currently i am working in Python and i need to get the contacts from mautic, for that i use the API; this will get all the data when i call the API
To avoid the duplication and to avoid the processing of bulk amount of data from my end;
Is there any way to add conditions or filters in API call like get all the contact after a particular dateAdded (dateAdded>=‘2022-01-01T10:26:09+00:00’)

Eg :->=‘2022-01-01T10:26:09+00:00’

Please help me to fix this,
Thank you

Maybe try advanced filtering as described here:

Hi @prajith,
I am currently facing the same issue. I don’t seem to succeed, although I am using advanced filtering.
Please let me know if you manage to solve it and how.

Later edit: after some more research I found the issue below and managed to fix my code thanks to escopecz answer.