Rest API - OrWhere

I’m using the Mautic Rest API and trying to achieve the following:
All contacts that were either added or modified at a certain time frame.

What i’m doing so far is running two queries and getting:

  1. added contacts
    /api/contacts?where[0][col]=dateAdded&where[0][expr]=gte&where[0][val]=2022-10-13 23:59:59&where[1][col]=dateModified&where[1][expr]=isNull

  2. modified contacts
    /api/contacts?where[0][col]=dateModified&where[0][expr]=gte&where[0][val]=2022-10-13 23:59:59

Then removing the modified contacts from the added results set.

I’m very keen on finding a solution to get all at once in order to complete a very nice solution using Airbyte

I hope it’s possible.

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Did you find a solution for using Airbyte with Mautic?