Inject a new class in form wrapper - UPDATE ... customization issue

I wanted to style my form inputs etc but I need to inject a class on my form wrapper itself.

The one that have those default classes

class="mauticform-page-wrapper mauticform-page-1".

I am using responsive framework script on my website and I wanted to add grid-x to this class so I could use the classes to size and order the each inputs etc. Like this

class="mauticform-page-wrapper mauticform-page-1 grid-x".

I tried adding class in the Form attributes but that the form itself and I need to add it to the class of the wrapper inside the form.

Doable? via theme?

I know all the Zurb Foundation framework classes or Bootstrap3/4 framework classes but I needed the form framework wrapper class applied to it before I could use those classes on inputs.

Feedback welcomed!


I found this document …

I copied the form.html.php over to my theme folder which I created from blank. Added the desire classes into the form.html.php.

Uploaded theme and selected it in form setting . It doesn’t seem to apply the classes I added to it.

Here my theme structure

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 1.19.46 PM

Am I missing something?

I got it figured out …

When I uploaded the theme … it extracted all file but the form.html.php … It did not get extracted so I had to upload this one manually directly to the Builder folder and it finally appended those classes for me.

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Anyone know why form.html.php goes not get extracted into the themes folder when it is already included in the package? A bug?

The style.html.twig which is also in same folder in the package is extracted successfully.

Here my attempt on first form theme … You can input the column width for each in the field properties.