Theme not installing form.html.php file

I developed a custom form with columns. One of the modification I had to was in within the form.html.php file in Builder folder.

When I uploaded the Theme file, the form.html.php does not get included into the Mautic theme folder. I had to manually upload it to server to my custom theme folder each time.

How do I get it included into Mautic theme?

I did rename form.html.php to form.html.twig and it did get extracted into Mautic theme but it didn’t apply it to the form. I had to rename it back to form.html.php for the change to be applied to the form.

I am sure it have to be in twig format and I am not really familiar with twig so how do I tell it to include the form.html.php file with my theme when uploading via Mautic Theme configuration.

Thank you

Did you upload the whole package? (zip)


The whole package compressed was uploaded but the file form.html.php for some reason does not get generated in theme folder.

Look like it will only accept files ending with .twig extension?

Here the link to the zip file if you want to test it. It a form template but you have to be using Zurb Foundation 6 framework on your website to use this form template then you can style your form in columns -

If you want to see what the form template is like … Here the test form link - Testing forms page

I also developed a form template to style using Bootstrap framework and facing the same issue as above.

And lastly, I wish there were an input attributes for the “form group input box” which is (label, input, error). The one with class=“mauticform-page-wrapper mauticform-page-*” then I wouldn’t need to make those template for other framwork since I could just put in class for grid or class for row depending on the framework the form is loaded in.

Oh yes, it has to be twig extension :slight_smile:

That the thing.

The theme doesn’t seem to get applied unless it’s end with php extension then the style is applied to the theme.

I will try again and rename the extension to twig.

What the proper way or extension?

I tried

form.html.twig - does not style
form.html.php.twig - does not style

Only form.html.php works for me but it does not get deployed into the theme folder when uploaded.

form.html.twig should work, I PMd you a proper template