Installed Mautic using Docker and have issues enabling IMAP-PHP extension for email monitoring

Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.2

Installed Mautic using Docker.

Your problem
My problem is: I have installed Mautic using Docker and Docker-compose.YML content is listed below for reference

version: ‘2’


restart: always
image: percona/percona-server:5.7
container_name: mauticdb
- mysql_data:/var/lib/mysql
–character-set-server=utf8mb4 --collation-server=utf8mb4_general_ci
- mautic-net

restart: always
image: mautic/mautic:latest
container_name: mautic
- mauticdb:mysql
- mauticdb
- 8080:80
- mautic_data:/var/www/html
- MAUTIC_DB_HOST=mauticdb
- MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP=3306
- mautic-net

driver: local
driver: local
driver: bridge

Mautic is running fine but for catching emails, it seems i need to enable imap-php extension but i’m not sure how to make this imap-php extension since mautic is installed using Docker environment

Please help me on achieving my goal of detecting replies in mautic.

After a quick look into the Dockerfile, it looks like imap extension is already installed for you. Maybe can you check if its enabled.

If it turns out it is not installed for some reason you can create your own docker image that you based on mautic image.

Could you help me? How to check if that Imap-php enabled in docker installed environment

Check phpinfo () page. I think it’s available within mautic. Or create a php file with the content



visit the file via browser, then search for the imap extension in the output.

If it exists its enabled, if not its not.

Do not forget to delete the file once you are done exploring.

Imap is there in system info inside mautic and image of it is listed below

But still reply is not getting detected in mautic, Where will be problem?

Not sure what you mean by replies. Might be worth checking out monitored address setting

What do you mean by replies? Do you mean a lead replying to an email that is sent via mautic? Are you trying to capture the read or some other stats of emails sent to a lead/contact?

I have uploaded the monitoring address details for your reference and along with

i have replied to sender email id but still it doesnt detect it. Any idea of solving this issue?

lead replying to mail sent via mautic and thats replies are not getting detected

Ok that makes a bit more sense to me. I don’t use this feature (too many contacts could reply, and we discourage our marketing dept from using it).

I dont think this is a docker issue.

I see everything is running on localhost. One thing you must do is view the email and reply in incognito mode. This is because mautic will know your are a logged in user and it will ignore it. Give that a try and see what happens.

I have replied but still it doesnt get detected in mauti as reply so far. I have replied from mobile phone as per your instruction

so far no reply got detected, any other suggestion?

Gmail and Yahoo overwrite return paths, which prevents contact replies feature from working. See docs