Installed Mautic Via Softaculous App Installer [Campaign Not Working]

Hello I am not a coder, I installed Mautic via Softaculous App Installer. Everything works fine except the Campaigns.
I am not sure of what are the issues, I will try to elaborate as much possible.

The installation was smooth and the setup was easy an straightforward. I did notice there was no corn setup so I created those manually,
Here is s screenshot,

Next, I activated the email connection, and then,
First I created a campaign and set up a sample workflow. Next,
I did add a contact but no luck there was no progress. I am not sure what else to be done to resolve the issue.

I checked the log, it shows the following error repeatedly

[2022-10-10 13:03:13] mautic.WARNING: PHP Warning - mysqli_stmt::bind_result(): Server returned unknown type 245. Probably your client library is incompatible with the server version you use! - in file /home/bizpromi/public_html/activecampaign/vendor/doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/Mysqli/MysqliStatement.php - at line 216 

Please any help would be highly appreciated.

What the php version?

The current PHP Version is 7.4

Hi, can anyone please help me so that the Cron and timely functions can work?

Check this:

Thank you Joeykeller, I have checked the dir command is blocked in the server and Yes, the Cron Jobs are set up as per your guidance, but still, it is not working.

What version is Mautic or Softaculous app? It look like something is out of version or an old php library in your cPanel.

Thank you Techbill for your reply, Mautic Version is 4.4.3.

My money is also on @techbill ‘s idea. The php you are calling might not be the recent one. Need to figure out how to call the right php version

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Thank you @techbill you are awesome. Based on your suggestion I contacted Server Support to enquire about the PHP version on the cron job and voila! It is working now.

Get and thank you guys, @techbill & @joeyk the issue is resolved and now I can focus on lead generation at peace.


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