Integration with apache

I’m a sysadmin and new to mautic/

I’m trying to wrap my head around how mautic integrates (more specifically monitors) with other other tools. Mailservers and webservers in particular. There are some plugins for products like wordpress, are there any plugins or documentation specific to apache? I see there is some javascript tracking code for html pages.

I’ve watched a few howto videos on configuring mautic and creating some campaigns. I’m assuming mautic embeds it’s tracking code into all outbound emails and monitors all inbound messages. However I’m unclear on how does muatic ties the web visits and emails together? Clearly if they click though the email, but mautic doesn’t know anything about my apache setup, nor does apache now anything about how to process/log mautic queries.

I have mautic up and running and configured (as best as I know right now). I’m just looking for some guidance on next steps on testing, validating, and integrating with other components. Are there any docs, walkthroughs, or demos on setting up and verifing your first campaigns?

On a tangent, perhaps I’ve overlooked something in the docs. Since mautic needs to be edge facing (to receive forwarded tracking info), it clearly needs to be secured. I don’t recall seeing much in the docs how to best secure it.

Thanks in advance

Here you go: