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Anyone using Matomo with Mautic? What is possible to integrate between them?

We are going to be using Matomo with our website that is also using Mautic. Is anyone using Matomo also using Mautic? I have seen that is possible to integrate google analytics natively with Mautic but there seems to be no way to integrate them with Matomo. It would be nice to support Matomo as their philosophy is aligned with Mautic (self hosted and open source software).

Is there something I am missing? Any plugins available or some tutorial how to do this?

There is only one Matomo thread on the forums How to serve first party cookies with Mautic - one instance, several domains but not a lot of information about how to do the integration.

Thank you for your help.

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I have a feeling that @grienauer is using this in his agency - maybe you can give some insights?

I am using both Matomo and Mautic, but I did not do any integration between the two. I wonder whether you want to integrate to do profiling, or just for statistical purposes? You want Mautic data in Matomo or the other way around? Still wondering specifics on what data you are exactly looking for.

@mneumann thank you for responding. If I am completely honest I am not 100% sure what I want I am just looking for what is actually possible to do and then I would decide if it makes sense for our organization. As far as I can see I will be using 3 systems for our company webpage/marketing.
1 system is for webpage
1 system is for forms and marketing integrated in the webpage via Mautic
1 system is for analytics (Matomo)

Ideally you would only have one system that covers all aspects but while developing the website I noticed that this is basically impossible without dedicated insane amount of resources to achieve unified system so I decided that I will beside the website system also use Mautic and Matomo.

I don’t think I can achieve the level analytics in Mautic without Matomo so Matomo has to stay. It would make sense to have all analytics only on Matomo as it’s primary an analytics platform and Mautic would be used for content and marketing but again don’t know if that is actually possible without dedicating a lot of time to make it happen.

I was hoping I can integrate as much as possible in Mautic so editors would not have to use 3 systems to manage content but again this does not seem as simple as I though.
If you have any thoughts on this you can reply on my other thread Can you use Mautic for CMS site news items (create news item in Mautic and display it on CMS page)?

I think some of the things I want might be possible via API but I am not comfortable yet with API interfaces. Have to work on this and hopefully do something useful in the future. Plugins seems to be the simplest way to extend Mautic functionality for example if I wanted to pass all Mautic analytics to Matomo or to create content in Mautic and render that content into webpage news page for example so editors would only have to create content in Mautic.

Thank you for responding to my thread.

I remember now that on the Mautic Con there was a speaker who presented the integration of Mautic with Matomo and Drupal for content management. As far as I remember they were writing the code for integrating the three, and they offer some specialized solutions in this field. So their system can do profiling and serve individual content for every visitor and things like that.

In my case I decided to make GDPR conformity a preference, and since you need a consent to do profiling, I decided not to do any of that. I even set up Matomo to read my log files and do the statistics totally without cookies, so I do not need to ask my visitors for any cookie consent. The next step will be for disabling the website tracking in Mautic, so I will be totally cookie free.

Now I think some goal tracking in Matomo could be nice, like how many have signed up for a certain newsletter, so I know the conversion rate of my opt in pages. Probably the easiest way to do that is doing some kind of API calls. Theoretically it is possible to fire some webhook directly from a Mautic campaign, it may be possible to trigger a tracking even in Matomo this way, but this is rather complicated. The elegant way would be a Mautic plugin that is able to send tracking events to Matomo. Having that, you can track anything you want in Matomo what is happening in Mautic, and in a simple and user friendly way. I was never writing a Mautic plugin, but maybe one day I could have a look into that. Surely would be an interesting thing.