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How to serve first party cookies with Mautic - one instance, several domains

if you use different domains (e.g. for marketing purposes) and one Mautic instance there is one raising problem: You serve 3rd party cookies, which will automatically be blocked by Firefox already and Chrome soon.

Here is an approach I successfully used with Matomo. I would like to find out, if this may also work for Mautic.

Mautic should now work for both Domains. Do you see any issues with this concept? Its working with Matomo. In case it works, I will write an Howto for you.

(Separating leads is not considered here - its just for the purpose of a company using several domains for the same audience.)


Glad that you raised this issue in the forum.

In the coming weeks and months, this will become a very important issue for most Mautic users. Have already been noticing embedded forms from marketing automation applications (not just Mautic) showing up as blank when embedded from a different second level domain.

Using a CNAME and an SSL certificate signed for both and is an interesting approach. A cleaner solution, if at all possible, is setting up multiple Mautic instances (one for each SLD) but there are situations where both domains should share a single marketing database. For example, when a company has multiple subsidiaries that share some common prospects and customers.

There could be some issues when Mautic redirects the user from a form, and rewrites the URL with the SLD where it is a truly installed (i.e. - but for tracking only, this could very likely work fine.

OK - You are right. Embedded forms should also be adopted to the alias domain. Then it should be no issue, as the URL will not be rewritten. Its an alias. I stays… For Mautic Landingpages maybe there should be added a canonical ta, as otherwise the same content is available under different URLs (duplicate content). However, its only relevant if a landingpage is made for the purpose of SEO as well, not just a non indexed page as target for marketing campaigns.

Update: first test looks promising.

Mautic login and backend works no matter if I call it through or Also landingpages can be reached through both ways. This will probably be the same for the scripts to embed and the forms (will test next).

I could image, that automatically replacing links in email will hold the original URL (as Mautic system doesn’t know about this dual URL setup). Not sure, if this may influence spam score, if links differentiate from sender URL?

Also system pages will always come from the original Mautic URL and theme. So they need to be designed in a way people understand its still the same company.

Hmmm, nice solution.

I have similar problem at One installation, few domain and websites

Hi Dirk, did you make any additional progress here?
When I first tried this, the Mautic backend was not a problem, but tracking & things didn’t work. So… did those work for you?

I found something like this
Installation under subdomains will help?
See this " First multi tenant solution for Mautic"

Mautic Multiple Bundle allow link Mautic installations in one directory. This allow easy manage multiple Mautic for your clients along with maintenance, updates, fixes and much more.

Multiple Bundle create virtual links for any domain or subdomain. You can use from one directory any Mautic, for example:

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Yes it works, but you need to adjust the tracking code to the alias domain name. Which things didn’t work?

True, but this is a different approach with multi installations within one codebase. Different use case - I wanted to have an alias for the very same installation.