Webflow site with Mautic on different domain?

Hi am going to use webflow hosting for my website (e.g. mysite.com) - webflow doesnt give you server access it is a custom hosting solution I believe. I will have mautic on my own domain with my webhost (e.g. mypersonalsite.com/mautic).

Does this cause any security issues? Notably the URL will be to a different domain from the one on my site. Anything to consider when pulling this solution off?

I am tracking several websites with 1 Mautic install. It shouldn’t be a problem.

But today I was thinking about cookies and Google banning them: Google Chrome is ditching third-party cookies for good. What does this mean for Mautic?

Once of hosted Mautic’s advantages is working with first party cookies only.
If you install Mautic on mautic.domain1.com, you can access first party cookies from domain1.com (where your tracking is.)
By using multiple domains with the same Mautic, you can:

CNAME trackingdomain1.domain1.com domain2.com

You only need to modify your tracking script by changing trackingdomain.domain1.com to trackingdomain2.domain2.com, and you’ll be able to track domain2 by serving first party cookies :slight_smile:


Can I ask to clarification on this—in the example are you using mautic.domain1.com and trackingdomain1.domain1.com interchangeably? Or are you suggesting to somehow create a second subdomain on domain1 to dedicate as a tracking domain?

My understanding is that, in addition to the standard setup, if I want to use the primary mautic instance to track a secondary domain, I should go into DNS on domain1 and create a CNAME that points from the mautic.domain1.com subdomain to domain2.com.

Is that correct?

Do I need to make any changes to domain2.com DNS?

Hi yes, you need to change the secon domain. A corrected the example above.