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Has the feature for tracking multiple domains and emails in one Mautic instance be included in future versions?

Hi guys,

I am wondering if the future versions of Mautic can potentially include feature to track multiple domains in one instance?

I’ve seen a page or video mentioning on the Tracking/Emailing in a Multi Domain Environment with Mautic by József Keller, but I think it is technical workaround manual method in which I struggle to follow.

Would anyone be able to clarify this and additionally add some sort of documentation to work through on the workaround? Thanks in advance.

Which part are you stuck with?

  1. Adding CNAME to track multiple domains
  2. Installing the MultiDomain plugin
  3. Creating emails with masked domain names


@joeyk could you add link to the video please

Here you go:



Such invaluable advice @joeyk . Thank you for sharing.

I have one question just for clarity sake.

On which domain do you create the CNAME ? For example if I have my site but my mautic is sitting on

Would I then go and update the DNS of with a CNAME name content ?

Hello Mike,
If your site is, and your mautic is, then you’d add a tracking subdomain to →
Looks like this:
If you enter the URL into your browser it should load
You would manually overwrite in your tracking code as

Thanks for clarifying that. Is there a need to add an ssl certificate and if so on which server does it need to be added and is there a need to update nginx conf or apache conf files ?

Hi @joeyk ,

Thanks for your reply and advice, it is great to see you provided reference in the thread, much appreciated.

The concept that I struggle is CNAME. Does it need to be done in DNS Manager in domain provider or just Zone editor in Cpanel/WHM?

Also would like to know further details on the point 3: creating emails with masked domain names.
Assuming if I have one mautic installed in particular domain with subfolder “mautic” but if we want to send multiple email campaigns under different brands, it would create confusion if the web version URL of email and the sender email address comes from 1 mautic domain, hence it would likely lead to email landing in spam folder or bypass primary inbox in Gmail.

May I ask if the MultiDomain plugin achieve the objective of covering this flaw by ensuring different branded email campaigns can have its corresponding brand name attached to sender address and URL instead of the main Mautic host address?

For example:

Mautic main account hosted at

Brand A email to use Brand A domain address
Brand B email to use Brand B domain address

instead of

Brand A email to use
Brand B email to use

If there is documentation on those 3 points, it would be very helpful and beneficial for everyone wishing to track email and send emails for umbrella brands.

Thank you Joey.

I know it’s a complex process, I struggled makeing the concept clear during my presentation above. I’ll make a hand-on video. It’s just more simple. Should be done by tomorrow, I will ruthlessly advertise it here.

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Hey @joeyk

What about SSL certificate, is this needed. I add the CNAME, however when I go to the url in my browser I get a warning about phishing and was wondering if SSL is needed and if so on what server this is done ?

SSL is connected to the domain, depending on the type of SSL, you might need to add a separate SSL for the subdomain. Especially if you use certbot. I’ll show it in my video as well.

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Thank you @joeyk , it would also be beneficial if you can also add written documentation or transcript in addition to video, because there is accessibility issue to consider, for example, hearing impaired person. Thank you.

Hi, the video is ready.
I’m explaining in detail, screenshare, explanation, etc.
I might do a blogpost, but wanted to put out this first.


Hey Joey,

Are you familiar with nginx as well.

I have been playing around with plugin which is great and made some adjustments to nginx conf file as well as added a new SSL certificate for the tracking domain, however I am not sure they way I am doing it is correct. It works but I played with so many things and not sure what is correct or not.

Can you explain how to create the correct certificate with certbot on nginx and if the conf file needs to be updated, or is this done by certbot and if not how many places must be updated in confd file.

Hey @joeyk is this compatible with Mautic 4.0.1 yet ?

Yes it is as far as I tested. Haven’t tested form emails, but should be okay.

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