How to add senders to Mautic?

Hello everyone, does anyone know how to add senders in Mautic to send from different domains? Or is it not possible? I would like to create campaigns in Mautic sending different emails through the same Mautic.

Watch both videos.


Hello Thanks for answering, I installed the plugin but for my case it didn’t work.
what is the procedure to do with domain and subdomain? I have only one domain, mautic is in a subdomain and is tracking the email I have two more projects in a subdomain ( with the email and this email needs to be tracked in a subdomain, that is, my sites with different emails that I need to track are and Mautic are in a single domain which is, how do I configure and be able to trace the emails in this case.

How the plugin works is: it allows to track another domain outside of your mautic domain.
You are mentioning a case where you don’t leave your domain. A subdomain is still within the domain of a domain name.

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Is there any solution for my case? I use the sender directly in the email, and it works perfectly, I can put as many senders as I want in the Mautic directly in the emails of my campaigns, the only problem is that it doesn’t track whether the customer has clicked… the only one that tracks is the main one configured in the email settings not mautic. Is there any way for me to track the other emails added as senders?

I think the problem is somewhere else because the described setup works perfectly by me, I use this every day.

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Hi, I updated mautic and it went back to trachea normally, thanks for helping me, I gave a sensation on your channel and I saw that you are an expert in mautic, I would like to know if you could give me a tip, mautic has in settings , an option to update via composer, I would like to know if it is recommended because I would like to use the mautic marketplace and I saw that it is only possible to use it if installed via composer, and another question is, I would like to know if there is any api of open source code to integrate a sms sending service with mautic and if you could point me to some material for that. I’m already abusing a lot of your kindness lol, thank you very much friend.