Sending domains

I’m hoping to be able to use Mautic for existing users of another system to be able to send email marketing campaigns from their own domain. I’ve been doing some basic testing using the API and I’ve successfully created user accounts and set permissions etc.

We will use SendGrid as the smarthost for all users/domains however please can someone advise how can I use the API and also configure Mautic to have their domain as pre-set for their account so mail is sent from their domain?

I have allowed something similar in Mailgun plugin:

Perhaps it could be used as an inspiration. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Best, M.

OK thanks for this, I’ll take a look, I don’t think we have a complicated need it is really to allow users who will send email from their own domain rather than a global domain we need to handle bounces and unsubscribers just basic things like that, I don’t think this would be classed as multi-tenancy or wold it?

No I do not think so. This should be doable.

I have a similar setup, not sure if that is what you are looking for:

you can use a single SendGrid plan to send emails from several domains,
1 mautic instance connected to that Sendgrid account
in Mautic you can use any email adress from the list of domains configure in SendGrid as Sender.

you just need to make sure all domains have configured the dns entries to allow your sendGrid Account to send email on behalf of those domains.