Consolidating Multiple Mautic Installs

I’m running 3 different installations on Mautic, on 3 different sub-domains (on 3 different domains).

I’m aware of the ability to create different Companies within Mautic however is there any way to add multiple “send mail from” settings?

Is there any way to setup 3 different accounts within the same Mautic install so I can consolidate everything under a single installation (rather than multiple sub-domains)?

this plugin:

should add the ability to add multiple domains for sending. Maybe is something you are after, I am not sure.

Hello, I think the question is if you can have 3 companies sharing the same Mautic. Plz correct me if not.

Companies are usually used for different purpose. You have contacts in you Mautic, who can be assigned to companies. This is a good feature, because companies can also collect points, have their own custom fields. This allows you to segment contacts who work by companies with certain values. Even if the contacts are changing you can replace the contact and the company fields stay intact. Or you can reach different positioned people by the same company with different messages. In other words, companies are in a one to many relationship with contacts.

What I believe you are asking is if it’s possible to have 1 Mautic and use it for 3 different companies for communication.

Not really, it will be a data privacy nightmare, but there are few things you can do:

  1. you can set contact owner (a Mautic user), and use always the owner’s identity as sender.
  2. you can set a custom sender email for every email in Mautic (See under andvanced tab when you edit an email)
  3. By adding a PR you can also add custom reply-to address to individual emails.


I agree with joey, although it is possible to have senders from multiple / different domains, it is a privacy nightmare. also, you could not rely on the unsubscribe feature, you would have to create a custom unsubscription flow, one for each company, but chances are that if the user choose not to receive more e-mails , he will stop receiveing emails from all the companies of your instance.

another restriction is , you will need to use the same smtp configuration for all the companies, it is possible to use a single smtp service (and credential) which is configure to send emails on behalf of all the domains, what you will not be able to do is use different smtp services for different domains.