One database, several mautic instances

Hi, I’m thinking of sending emails from multiple domains, each domain has a certain number of users. Think, users A, B and C from domain and

As far as I understand it, this cant be done natively in Mautic, but, if I have the same DB, but 2 instances of Mautic (that points to the same DB), I) think that would work.

Have anyone tried that?

You can send emails from multiple domains using Mautic, check this: GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-mailgun-mailer-plugin: Mailgun Email plugin for Mautic with multi-domains support

Thanks @mzagmajster , Ill check it out.

This can be done from one Mautic instance. Check out this plugin: GitHub - friendly-ch/mautic-multi-domain

Thanks @mikew , Ill check it out.