One Mautic Install: Scripts on multiple sites?

I am a real estate broker and I want to use this as a replacement and improvement over my current Mailchimp system.

I have three (Wordpress) sites with three separate domains.

One of them is my personal site, which is essentially just a bunch of landing pages. The second one is a real estate portal for browsing listings, and the third one is a blog/news site.

Are there any issues with the following:

  1. Create multiple forms, and putting them on the different sites (but from the same Mautic install)? For example I would have some forms for and a couple forms for, etc.

  2. Using the tracking script on multiple sites from the same Mautic instance. For example, I want to assign 10 points if the visit and 1 point if they visit

Yes, it is possible. You only need to create a form for each domain to better track users.
The same applies for campaigns and segments.

Then you can implement flows to move contacts where you want.

I explained it a bit more in this thread: How to serve first party cookies with Mautic - one instance, several domains

It also makes sure, that you will have first party cookies on each site.