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Mautic Installation - Different Websites

I am relatively new to Mautic I was just wondering that do you need different installations for different websites (I mean different domains) or can one Mautic installation can be used to handle all the websites.

Is there a way to group contacts, lists, campaigns, forms etc at Website level or do we NEED Separate installations for separate Websites.

I am using Amazon SES and have added all my domains and emails id’s in SES, so that should go through fine but, I am asking wether there is any grouping the way Google Analytics has done. For one gmail id you can add multiple sites and once you select a site the entire application shows data for that site only. One can switch between the sites and work on or can pull various reports for that site only.

On first look of Mautic site i do not feel there is any such option available, just wanted to ensure that i did not miss out anything.

thank you