Mautic Track Individual Email Leads via Google Analytics

EasyApache 4
My Mautic version is: 45_mautic-449
My PHP 80, PHP 8.0.29-1.1.3.cpanel
extention: php80-php-fileinfo
cPanel & WHM on AlmaLinux
OS: AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD kvm
cPanel Version 112.0.5

Hi everyone,

Your problem
Does Mautic track individual email users using Google Analytics triggered via webpage events? If so, could you please provide configuration instructions?


Mautic uses it’s own tracking pixel that works independently of Google Analytics. More info here


In Mautic Documentation | Installing the tracking script [1] example, what is the URL to the Mautic instance: ‘’? We can use the URL Mautic instance as part of a UTM?

  1. The URL link is here, Installing the tracking script | Mautic


The url will be the url that you access your mautic with. eg if you are using a subdomain.

When you configure your mautic the tracking pixel will auto update the tracking pixel correctly with your mautic’s url.