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tracking via google + mautic

I develop my landing page, I always add google tracking

but I have a problem, in the “mautic> Configuration> Tracking Settings” section I can add the Google Analytics ID

but in the section “mautic> Configuration> Landing Page Settings” it does not let me add the Analytics script (i.e. Google Analytics)

I already look for information in google and it seems that it is a mistake.

What do you recommend, I use google analytic + mautic tracking, or do I just use google?

At the end I always add this:

google tracking script + mautic tracking script

Am I making a mistake or should I just use 1 script?

How do I correctly configure google and mautic tracking?

I’m fairly new to Mautic and wondering the same thing. If I want to use Mautic mostly for email drip/campaigns, funnel stages and lead-qualifying, am I essentially loading two js scripts (mautic & GA) that largely do the same thing?
I’m currently loading mautic tracking/mtc.js through Google tag manager (along with Google analytics), and as such, leaving the GA tracking NOT enabled in mautic > configuration > tracking settings > Google Analytics

I am currently using Google Tag Manager for all the script, it is the best option