Drupal module - Advanced Mautic Integration

Hi, I’ve just released a beta version of Advanced Mautic Integration for Drupal 10. It is inspired by the Google Analytics and GTM modules and offers advanced tracking and Mautic API support.

The key features are:

  • Embedding mtc.js - putting the Mautic script into page attachments.
  • Tracking pageviews - enable/disable tracking page visits.
  • Tracking outbound links - pageview event for external links.
  • Tracking mail links - pageview event for links like mailto:someone@example.com.
  • Tracking phone links - pageview event for links like tel:123456.
  • Tracking downloads - pageview event for links to selected file types.
  • Adding lead parameters - an ability to send additional data with pageview requests. For example - you can send the current user’s e-mail to identify anonymous contacts in Mautic. Tokens can be used here (the module takes care of the additional cache dependencies coming from the token’s contexts).
  • Adjusting script location - the module uses the Condition API to let you choose where the script should be visible. It works similar to block settings. You can track only relevant pages and save a lot of resources.
  • Wrapping API library - the module acts as a wrapper for the Mautic API library. It provides basic configuration (endpoint, credentials for Basic Auth) and allows to use API in your own code.
  • Synchronizing Drupal users with Mautic leads - send Drupal profile data to Mautic while respecting the mtc_id cookie.

If you have any ideas for the future functionalities, please add them to the issue queue, I will be happy to consider developing them.

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That’s great, thanks for sharing @gpietrzak :rocket:

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