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Can you use Mautic for CMS site news items (create news item in Mautic and display it on CMS page)?

I would like to let my editors submit news posts via Mautic and after they create the news post it would be displayed on the webpage and they would also send email with that news post to relevant contacts.

I don’t think it makes sense to have separate systems for creating news articles as we are just having duplicate work every time we want to create new article and notify our contacts. We would have to create an article on our CMS system and also on Mautic.
It would also be hard to try and create the same design of news posts and email messages if we are doing that in a separate systems.
To me it makes so much sense to just have one systems to manage it all. I will integrate all forms via Mautic so there will be none from the CMS system.

I am using wintercms for webpage (is the open source continuation of octobercms) and I would like to display the news post created in Mautic on the webpage news page created in wintercms. I have already successfully integrated forms from Mautic on the CMS.

Is it possible to achieve that?

Ultimately I would like to achieve something like this:

  • The main platform where we create news posts is Mautic
  • Content creator creates a post in Mautic
  • This post will automatically display on webpage and will be automatically published on all connected social media (automatic new social media post creator)
  • News post will be emailed to relevant contacts
  • Under each news posts category on webpage will be the appropriate form so anyone interested in the relevant news can sign up to the new news posts
  • Central page on website (integrated from Mautic) where people can control to what categories they are subscribed and can unsubscribe or subscribe to additional categories.

I would be grateful for any kind of suggestions how to accomplish something like that. Keep in mind I am quite new to developing so simpler solutions are welcome. The way I can simply embed forms is amazing so hoping something as simple as that might be possible for news posts as well? Thank you for your help.