Is anyone still using the legacy email and page builder?

Yep, I think this is something we should do. But since we can do that any time through the M5 lifetime I’ll leave that and focus on the tickets we need to get done for M5 release.

The problem is for companies that want to provide Mautic for customers that need to meet some security certifications. Having a library with known security vulnerabilities in the code base won’t work there. No matter if it’s used or not. Those companies will have to delete it from their fork of Mautic themselves for now.

Yep, if you get that funding together I bet some developer will get it done.

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Hi @escopecz and friends,

Sorry for the delay, I’m still working on the “Community survey” process.
Since there is no previous example on how to do it, it is up to us to sort it out.
I am currently stuck between @rcheesley and @Oluwatobi but hopefully it will get sorted soon enough.