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New editor plugin for mautic available for tests

i’ve developped a plugin to integrate plugin into mautic.

This is an experimental BeeFree integration for Mautic

  • 06/28/2020 alpha1 release

Just go to email create new/edit and click to Launch builder BEEFREE button. Should open new popup iframe with BeeFree plugin. You can also select one of the template from Template tab.

What is working

  • Launch Beefree builder with save and close button
  • Save button
  • Create new email
  • Edit email
  • Save versions
  • Use template library


- Save as template
- Import template
- Restore version
- Integration with landing pages 
- Automatically download images from Beefree servers and replace links (template and html)
- Integrate premium features
- Integrate external storage

Where to find Templates

Goto With phpmyadmin on table beefree-theme, add json / name / preview (blob as jpeg image)


That’s great!!! congrats and thank you

We are doing with Topol but out of Mautic, so our clients have to copy and paste the code.

I’ll test