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New editor plugin for mautic available for tests

i’ve developped a plugin to integrate plugin into mautic.

This is a beta BeeFree integration for Mautic

  • 06/28/2020 alpha0 release
  • 06/30/2020 alpha1 release
  • 07/10/2020 beta0 release

Just go to email create new/edit and click to Launch builder BEEFREE button. Should open new popup iframe with BeeFree plugin. You can also select one of the template from Template tab.

What is working

  • Launch Beefree builder with save and close button
  • Save button
  • Create new email
  • Edit email
  • Save versions
  • Use template library
  • Integration with landing pages


- Save as template
- Automatically download images from Beefree servers and replace links (template and html)
- Integrate premium features
- Integrate external storage

Where to find Templates

Goto With phpmyadmin on table beefree-theme, add json / name / preview (blob as jpeg image)


That’s great!!! congrats and thank you

We are doing with Topol but out of Mautic, so our clients have to copy and paste the code.

I’ll test

This is awesome!!

We noticed that Beefree seems to be using this tool for their email builder.

might be a better option as you can control things a bit more…

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Nice find !
I will look at it … and try something…

I’ll let you know if we can do without beefree

Sounds great. The support team on the project is pretty good. We’re building it into a .net project we have…

Hi Enguer,

I was wondering if you had a chance to check this out. I have a few graphics designers on my team - we can add some custom email templates to the cause…

Hey a great idea would be to create some landing / option pages for marketers.

I.e like what click funnels does.

With this new builder you are getting mautic much closer to a real click funnels contender for marketers to create great lead capture pages and sales funnels all inside mautic.

@enguer did you ever integrate that code canyon plugin? I would be willing to throw $250 at a finished and working plugin with tags and working for pages and emails. Let me know? If not I may have my team build it out.

We can add an additional $100 to the cause :slight_smile:

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Make that $250! Anyone interested in doing this?

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