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Better Email HTML Designer


Anyone knows a tool better that for create HTML emails?


  • Igor

Anyone knows a tool better that for create HTML emails?


  • Igor

What is wrong with

Please see this topic with more information:

nothing wrong @imautic just researching if there other better solution. Thanks @MP2205 I found a nice solution from @chris0928 at

Thank you all

Is this solution @chris0928 paid for ???

Hey @Carlos BR - I haven’t paid for anything, but have done some custom templates for a few folks, and also made some free email templates available for those who don’t want to code their own. Free templates released by the broader email community that I’ve made editable in Mautic.

@chris0928 good to know, I’m interested in testing your templates in mautic 2.10, where can I find your templates, any place where you are sharing? thanks :wink:

Hi @abdel75 - you’ll find all my templates (free and paid) at

Hi @chris0928 -thanks I’ll have a look, any procedure how to add your template in a mautic selfhosted client? so that they appear with the native templates as possible choices

Gear icon > Themes > Import Theme @abdel75

@ninjoan thanks, will try with the free templates first, and see how it looks like when building and sending in campaign, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for adding that @ninjoan :slight_smile:

@abdel75 let me know how it goes for you!

You can use Dreamweaver to edit or create new .twig templates for Mautic. You have to make some small changes that … they are mid / low level. To modify a template exists, it’s like doing it for any html email template with some special things from Symfony’s twig templates.

  1. This is the modification for use .twig in Dreamweaver *
  2. This is info to understand how you could modify a theme, email or page template

* If you modify Dreamweaver and you try to open a form.html.twig pr page.html.twig with it (per example) you won´t see the design view (just the code). You´ll need to change the prefix. .twit and put .html (when you finish your design, change again with .twig prefix)

Good Luck. Fun¡ :slight_smile:

thanks @sergio.bolinches , will investigate this alternative as well and see how it goes, thanks for the tips!

hi @chris0928 , for sure I will share how it goes for me, no problem

hi @chris0928 thanks for the free templates, they seem nice if make just small stuff on it, but if we want to adjust, social buttons config is getting out of screen sometimes, and inserting logo or pictures is a long work to get right when we receive the mail in a web based mail or outlook or else, still need a lot of compatibility work

Yes - if you are adding components to the free templates, I’m not sure what the compatibility would be. Even something as simple as swapping out an image can be tricky if you need to resize (as some clients require width and height to be manually set in the html, not just css).

Trying to convert a free template to meet your exact needs certainly has its challenges :slight_smile: The more you changes you make, the more opportunities for compatibility issues.