Create new emailing template

I want to create my own email template.

How can I do it from inside mautic?

Hi, you can use pre-xeisitng templates and update images, text etc.

Or you can build custom email template using MJML and instal lthe theme (email template) by uploading it to mautic.

Here is the guide: < Getting started with Themes — Mautic Developer Documentation 3.0.0 documentation >

If you are interested a company I work with can also offer custom email template development for mautic. Drop me a PM if interested.

Thanks, it seems that the mail template is bound to a set of “all-things template” like subscribe/unsubscribe pages, etc.

I just want a different layout when “new email”. Isn’t any simpler way like editing a preexisting one and say “save as…”?

Hi, you can use blocks / tiles in GrapeJS editor to place them to the email. It is not possible to save theme as from the GrapeJS editor as far as I know.

Although you can create an email once and then just clone it, whenever you need it.

There is a way to create theme within Mautic … sort of … still require to use a desktop code editor

Download my blank MJML theme over at Blank MJML Theme and create an email from it then save it.

After saving it, open the code box and copy all the MJML code from it and paste it in your favorite desktop editor. I use Visual Studio Code.

Create a theme file from it and do a search / replace to edit all the image path if you are going to include images in the theme folder. You would also need config.json file and thumbnail in the theme folder before zipping it up.

Or you can do what @mzagmajster mentioned and create an email in Mautic from my blank MJML theme then save it. When you need to use it again, clone it and make whatever change in the cloned version and save it.