Blank MJML Theme

Someone did upload a blank MJML theme but that file no longer exist.

I create a blank MJML theme which I used on my Mautic and several asked me about it.

Here the link to it. Just install it like any other normal Mautic theme via the Mautic theme configuration menu.

Basically, it only contain this code in it since it a blank MJML and I use it to either built a new theme from it or to copy and paste the MJML code from my Desktop app to the GrapesJS code box in blank MJML theme.


To answer some of the PM questions, I use two different Desktop app. One is not really a Desktop app but can be install and run from the Desktop.

Just download and install
mjml desktop app - MJML App - The desktop app for MJML

For this one, you need to have Node Node.js installed to use it on your Desktop but you will need to code in a way to save your designs on Desktop or use it to copy and paste mjml from code box into Mautic mjml code box.
GrapesJS MJML - GitHub - artf/grapesjs-mjml: Newsletter Builder with MJML components in GrapesJS