How to convert reguler MJLM template to installable landing page and email on mautic?

Hi All…

It very interesting if we have many template design to send out to our subscriber.

I found this site… Responsive Email Templates
its a collection of many MJML template

So if I want to convert a that template as installable mautic landing page or email template…
how wen can do that…?

any code that must to added …?


As I understand it, the new editor in Mautic will accept MJML raw code and convert it on the fly. Just paste the MJML into the editor code window.

thank @aglyons

Yes… I tried it… and work good…

but how to make that can installed as mautic template?

so we can use the template, without need to copy and paste to editor ?


This page will walk you through creating a theme.

At the bottom of the page are instructions on building the theme ZIP file.

Then go to the settings cog at the top right corner of the page and select “Themes” You can upload the ZIP file there.

Thanks @aglyons