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New Email Builder

This topic is to keep track of the feature “New Email Builder” as put on the Mautic 3 roadmap by @dbhurley and currently being worked on by Webmecanik (@npracht).

Based on the large amount of community feedback regarding this topic, development work has already started by Webmecanik. You can keep track of the progress on GitHub: New Email builder · Issue #7360 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

Great. We’re going to talk about the current situation, the dream picture, what we need to achieve it and where to contribute tomorrow at the Mauticon. Very excited :grinning:

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My idea is:
Replace page builder /and newsletter builder with grapesjs library ( , )

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:
Everyone who wants to have a clickable solution to make great pages without spending too much time on that.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
The ready-to-go solution, much more to offer than the actual solution in Mautic.
I think Mautic developer should put efforts to make automatic marketing works best is possible, why spend to much time on something (own web builder) when a ready solution is available?

Hi @magma and welcome to the Mautic Community Forums! Thank you for sharing your ideas on the Email/page builder!

Indeed there is a great amount of discussion on this topic and there are plans afoot to get working on this soon - @npracht and team are keen to lead the charge.
We talked about this at the Mautic Community Summit in Amsterdam and decided it would be featured in a minor-release of 3.x and it is already on the roadmap.

Here is the GH issue for reference:

There is a fair amount of discussion happening and I believe some code examples being worked on. I don’t know if it extends to the landing page builder but that’s definitely something that would be helpful to improve as well, in my opinion!

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There has been an initiative started for the topic of getting a new email (and page) builder.

Anybody interested in this, please come and join us in the Slack channel: #i-builder

and you can find all the info on the confluence page

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