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New Email Builder

This topic is to keep track of the feature “New Email Builder” as put on the Mautic 3 roadmap by @dbhurley and currently being worked on by Webmecanik (@npracht).

Based on the large amount of community feedback regarding this topic, development work has already started by Webmecanik. You can keep track of the progress on GitHub: New Email builder · Issue #7360 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

Great. We’re going to talk about the current situation, the dream picture, what we need to achieve it and where to contribute tomorrow at the Mauticon. Very excited :grinning:

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My idea is:
Replace page builder /and newsletter builder with grapesjs library ( , )

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:
Everyone who wants to have a clickable solution to make great pages without spending too much time on that.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
The ready-to-go solution, much more to offer than the actual solution in Mautic.
I think Mautic developer should put efforts to make automatic marketing works best is possible, why spend to much time on something (own web builder) when a ready solution is available?

Hi @magma and welcome to the Mautic Community Forums! Thank you for sharing your ideas on the Email/page builder!

Indeed there is a great amount of discussion on this topic and there are plans afoot to get working on this soon - @npracht and team are keen to lead the charge.
We talked about this at the Mautic Community Summit in Amsterdam and decided it would be featured in a minor-release of 3.x and it is already on the roadmap.

Here is the GH issue for reference:

There is a fair amount of discussion happening and I believe some code examples being worked on. I don’t know if it extends to the landing page builder but that’s definitely something that would be helpful to improve as well, in my opinion!

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There has been an initiative started for the topic of getting a new email (and page) builder.

Anybody interested in this, please come and join us in the Slack channel: #i-builder

and you can find all the info on the confluence page

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Are there any updates on this project?

If I read the timeline correctly, this new builder was supposed to be in the v3 release. Correct me if I am wrong.

I’ve installed the plugin but I see there are some bugs currently. None of the selected templates show anything in the editor, at least on my setup. I also noticed that once I enabled that plugin all of the existing templates I had installed disappeared. Hopefully, they return if I disable the plugin and revert to the old builder.

I really would like to see an update on the email builder. I started working with the original builder, creating a little more advanced design and found myself running into UI issues that made the experience frustrating. The biggest one was working with images. Selecting an image from the library doesn’t show a thumbnail. You have to right-click each image to preview and uploading images seems to rename the files on upload which makes finding the right image quickly not so simple.

You can follow updates of the new Email builder in the #i-builders channel on Slack. There is a shortage of coding hand and it’s going in a slow pace. It is very not easy to push a project, keep deadlines when all participants are voluntary. It will be M4 for sure.

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Closing this as we now have the new builder in Mautic 4.0 by default! :tada: thanks for all the hard work everybody!