Mautic Roadmap Discussion

In regards to the Mautic 3 series, the product team has begun identifying and creating a plan around the set of features and functionality we’d like to add or improve in the Mautic product over the next 12 months. Our goal with this roadmap is to continue making systematic meaningful improvements to the entire platform while adding new features most requested by businesses and marketers using Mautic. Historically Mautic has been strongly positioned as a leader in marketing automation technologies and has historically been an advocate for best marketing automation practices. Our goal is to continue this trajectory throughout 2020.

Below are the current plans and roadmap for releases through 2020. Please keep in mind all dates are subject to change. The Mautic product has a strong history of rapid feature development along with a strong understanding about the desires of the marketing automation landscape, as a result, features and releases are flexible in both definition and timeframe depending on the community involvement and focus. With those disclaimers shared, here is the current Mautic 2020 roadmap with dates and features highlighted.

Each feature links to a separate forum post or posts which discuss that particular feature.


Thanks for sharing this!

I think that a good objective for the Product Team during the forthcoming sprint might be to clarify exactly what we mean by each of these - perhaps in the process putting together some kind of template that could be worked through for any features which might be considered for inclusion in the roadmap.

That way we can have a clear process where everybody fully understands:

  • Exactly what is being proposed (what I think of as 'social media and AdTech for example may be completely different from the next person!)
  • Why it is needed / who has asked for it and why (ensure that it aligns with our goals and vision for Mautic, and that our end users are at the centre of all feature/product decisions)
  • How it benefits Mautic users
  • The implications of the proposed feature - e.g. is it going to require extensive development or is it a fairly small technical change? Will it replace/extend existing features? Will it be a BC change?
  • How it helps Mautic to gain or defend a competitive advantage in the market

For example, in #ideas we have the following post template to capture this kind of information:

My idea is:

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:

Any code or resources to support this idea:

Are you willing to work on this idea?:

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further?

We also need to factor in the 115 open PR’s which are features/enhancements already waiting to be merged and likely don’t factor in the roadmap explicitly.


Welcome back to the forums @dbhurley, 2 years is a long time! we missed you…

I thought the new email builder was being developed by Wekmecanik as stated by Norman Pratch.

I don’t understand if this is the list of official developments or the list of all known developments.

  • If it’s a list of the official tasks/developments to be carried by the Acquia team, then I think there’s an overlap in the email builder with what Webmecanik is offering to do.
  • If the list is comprehensive of all ongoing projects then it is missing (among MANY others) the tag manager, which was offered by @ekke and his team.

I also wonder where this calendar was discussed, specifically, I am uncertain of who decided these priorities. If I missed it, please point me to the right discussion.

On a different topic, I reckon that after 2 years away from this forum, and especially after the news of you (@dbhurley) leaving Acquia have transpired, before you start defining the future of the dozens of volunteers that have been working hard while you where away… maybe you could dedicate 5 mins to explain to us why the founder of Mautic does not work at Acquia anymore and what is the role you intend to play in this community going forward.

This was discussed as being needed since January in the Product Team meetings.

On February 11th, @dbhurley shared a first draft which outlined a proposed release schedule based on what had been discussed in earlier meetings and the features that had been talked about/in progress (e.g. the Marketplace, email builder) and others that were suggestions which could be included.

Here’s a link to the meeting notes on Slack and here’s a link on the forums. Here is the Trello task, and this post is the forum thread that we suggested should be set up for discussion.

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Agree with @rcheesley on the open PRs (currently at 246 open PRs of which 115 are features/enhancements). In my opinion, right after the 3.0.0 release, it’d be good to focus on getting those open PRs down to <45, which will take at least a month or two (assuming there will be enough community contributors to help us test/etc.!). In the Product team, we’ve started an effort to get those PRs ready for Mautic 3 so that they don’t go un-merged. Might be worth mentioning this on the roadmap as well :blush:

Thank you @rcheesley.

I know when and where the need for a roadmap was discussed. (since the beginning of time @ everywhere in this community) and I’m glad we finally got one.

But my question is about how the priority was determined, as in why:

  • Mautic 3.1.0 - March 18, 3.x improvements
  • Mautic 3.2.0 - March 31, Marketplace

Go before

  • merging 2.x code/PRs into 3.x

I also miss more info on what “Outstanding PR’s and issues” means
Are we talking about both 2.x and 3.x or just 3.x code?

I was also wondering why a roadmap published in April starts in February and contains 2 items that are already due (late, postponed or whatever the case is) at the time of the release of said Roadmap.

Well, we have to start somewhere, right!

The initial proposal was suggested by @dbhurley as mentioned above, including a suggestion for prioritisation. The dates above were the dates suggested back in January, clearly things have changed since then and this would need to be updated, in the sprint next week.

It was also suggested we have intermediate minor bug fix releases mentioned so that it is clear how the semantic versioning will work. That’s where you see the outstanding PR’s and issues.

Merging 2.x PR’s into 3 is a lengthy process but one that the Product Team has already kicked off as mentioned by @dennisameling above.

It depends as to when these are rebased and tested; and also whether they are bug fixes (hence patch or minor version), features without BC changes (hence minor version) or have BC changes (hence major version); as to when they would be mergeable.

We can’t say they will be merged at a specific point in time for this reason, hence why they (the existing open features) aren’t included as features against specific releases in the dates above. They will, however, be flagged for a release when they are rebased, per the article above.

What has been shared here is the first proposal. The Product Team will be discussing, reviewing and finalising this during the sprint next week.

If people would like to have a say in what is considered, prioritisation, features and anything else related, they should where possible join in with the sprint and/or follow up later (the activity will all be on Slack, and all video calls will be recorded).

Go here to find all the information including links to register, and to submit your availability for when you can join during Monday or Tuesday.

See you there!


Thank you for the additional info @rcheesley.
See you at the MCV Sprint!

Great, don’t forget to register as I didn’t think you were attending!

Here’s the link: - please sign up on Eventbrite & add your availability on Doodle if you are planning to attend.

Many thanks!


I think it would be a good idea to give the highest priority to the feature that brings the most value with the least amount of work needed.

I can not estimate how much effort each is, but here are the features sorted by most value-added from my point of view (most to lowest):

  1. Symfony upgrade
  2. Pull Requests
  3. Email builder
  4. Social media and AdTech
  5. Marketplace
  6. Campaign reporting
  7. GDPR control panel

Would love to see

  • 2 way texting
  • action inside campaigns when a new contact is added trigger
  • unique identifier being mobile phone (and/or email) as we do mostly text marketing and often times will get duplicate entries (in Infusionsoft) because they do not look at mobile phone # as a unique identifier
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@tracyselena Could you please explain the 3 ideas in a bit more detail in the “Ideas and Feature Requests” section? That way, we have a bit more details to work with, and your ideas can receive upvotes over there :slight_smile: thanks in advance