Improve charts available in reports

Pasting from Github:

Mautic version: 2.15.2
When I create reports on contacts, I get only one graph “new contacts added”. It will be great if I can see pie charts comparison from particular fields.

For example, I want to see what age groups are there of people in my contacts, 15-20, 20-25, 25-30, 30-35, etc displayed as pieces of the pie chart.


I am still interested in this exact age question and would like to know if there are any capabilities to build more customized graphs. I think the basics are there in the reports, we just need to be able to set the x and y axis for graphs and charts ourselves.

Any heads up on this is appreciated!

I have found the reporting inside Mautic to be a little restrictive and went ahead and installed and connected up Metabase BI to this. We get amazing reports now. Highly recommended

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