Best Practices: 3rd party reporting / business intelligence tool

Hi guys

The reporting functionalities in Mautic at the moment are a bit basic. I know they’ll be worked this or next year, but I was wondering if any of you have some best practices for integrating Reporting / Business Intelligence tools (preferably opensource), for example PowerBI or Grafana?

A specific case that the tool should be able to handle:
We have a form that asks unsubscribers for their reason to unsubscribe. I would like to display that information in a pie chart on a dashboard, possibly along with a bar chart of the open / click-rates of the last 12 Segment E-Mails (Newsletters).

Thanks very much for your inputs.


I mean you can easily create a widget via custom plugin that shows any kind of data you like. And all the necessary libraries to display the graph on the dashboard are already provided by Mautic.

That being said its more of a question how you get data from form to Mautic (if its non Mautic form) and how data is stored in database. What you are asking can certainly be done.

Not sure about one aspect though… where external reporting tool comes to play? If you already have data in Mautic why would you need to integrate it with external tools?

In general Mautic has something called Integration framework which tries to simplify integration with external tools

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Many people create dashboards in Google Data Studio or Metabase. You get the best results if you can create sql queries and get really what you want.

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we are heavy Metabase users, very powerful tool and quite self intuitive.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve looked at Metabase and it really does look quite powerful and seems like the right solution for my problem.