One of the difficult parts of using Mautic for an agency is the lack of support from third party vendors.

We have been looking for a reporting tool that will automate our client reporting and aside from Surge Media’s fantastic metabase ideas, there are no Mautic friendly options.

I recently discovered https://www.oviond.com/ which is currently offering a lifetime subscription on appsumo ($49 one-time payment - 10 clients).

I spoke to them yesterday and they have Mautic as one of their planned integrations, but the development roadmap is based off the votes on their “suggest an idea”.

If you are agency that is looking for good, low cost, “plug and play” reporting and dashboards for Mautic – I suggest you take a look at their product and vote to have Mautic added (it already has 43 votes) - Loading..

Hi @gary.harrison :slight_smile:

Interesting. although the prices are not the ones you indicate Pricing - Oviond Pricing :thinking:

Have you tried the Oviond integration via Zapier on your Mautic?


Hey Gary - did Metabase not fulfill your requirements ? what were the obstacles?

Yeah, the normal prices are prohibitive, but they have it on appsumo as a lifetime deal at the moment - which is a steal - Oviond - Organize all your digital marketing data | AppSumo

They support google sheets, so we would probably use that. We have an account with syncspider which supports a Mautic to google sheet automation.

We were starting to look into it when we ran across the appsumo deal.

Our pain point was providing monthly reporting to our clients and this tool has a reporting element to it (our clients dont spend a lot of time inside mautic).

The downside obviously is that they do not support mautic “out of the box” so we may still need to look at metabase down the road. The downside to metabase is that 1) it is a new tool to learn 2) is not “plug and play” and 3) is going to be expensive to host (by time we include the labor costs to learn and maintain it) or subscribe.

There are some great tools out there for agencies such as https://agencyanalytics.com/ and https://dashthis.com/ that are pretty cost effective for client reporting once all the costs are accounted for.

The only problem is that none of them work with Mautic “out of the box”…

You know that you can provide them direct access with specific permissions to the BI system and also generate reports from there.

Thanks Mike. According to builtwith there is close to 32k live Mautic users. That should be enough for more 3rd party ISV’s to support integrations to Mautic in their products.

Our use case is pretty specific. Our parent company has an ERP / eCommerce solution similar to Netsuite. Like Mautic, we are lacking in 3rd party ISV support so we created a marketing agency division to “plug the gap”. Right now, we are only doing this for our U.S. based customers.

We wrote custom API connections and synchronize data between our ERP and Mautic. Works very well. The main benefit for most of our clients are the “product suggestions” and “abandoned cart” campaigns.

Several of our customers are asking for more detailed reporting, but not just for mautic related items but also to monitor conversions, SEO, and Social media activities.

For things like conversions, our parent company has a BI system we are using. Because this is our tool, we can create complex API’s of sales across websites (our solution allows you to host multiple websites) web vs retail store, etc. Dashboards

We can probably connect our BI tool to Mautic, but I wanted to see if there was anything like https://agencyanalytics.com/ or https://dashthis.com/ that works with mautic “out of the box” before getting our dev team involved.

To specifically answer your question - the obstacles for us is the learning curve and having to learn how to host, maintain, and update a new tool.

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