Is anyone using Mautic's built in calendar

I prepared the pull request removing the bundle. One more perk is that we’ll save 8% on JS and CSS file size.

No, it is not really convenient for me to use it. Some people from my job try to make me use it too, but so far, I do not need it to do my job, and I don’t want to switch and lose time.
I use a simpler one now, and I am perfectly fine with it because it has all the basic functions and helps me share my schedule with others. I have been using 123calendars for more than a year now, and so far, I am fine with it. It might not be the coolest one, but for me, it is better to work with simpler tools and get the job done than waste time finding out how the complex tools work and how to use them.

As far I am concerned, Mautic is a MAS (Marketing Automation System or Service). I am not sure how having calender on it fit into all this since it more of a personal uses like having it in Outlook, Gmail or mobile device makes more senses than having it on a system that operates mostly in the background.

I got way too many calendar to deal with already and lucky all but 2 can sync with each other and I would much rather save resource on MAS than add something that not high in demand.

In my opinion Mautic’s calendar should contain only contact’s notes with visible rule: show only mine/my contacts notes.

In future this could be synch with Google Calendar.