Is aws the best smtp?

I see it is cheap…I just want to switch from my host default smtp to something better and to have bigger inbox rate

Will aws help me do that?
Also do I need to slowly send out newsletter with aws or can I do it at once? Will that affect my ip ratio or inbox ratio?

Each SMTP is coming with tradeoffs.

  • what daily amounts are you looking for?
  • how did you build your list (% of scrape/purchase)
  • how old is your list?

I have an article about this:


I think @joeyk wrote a good answer and comprehensive article here.

There are hundreds of ESP’s out there with shared IP’s or dedicated IP’s. At the end of the day it comes down to what is outlined in that article.

If you are looking for mass mailing off the bat - you might want to look at setting up multiple IP’s with a system or go for those big mass mailers, trying to do it immediately with AWS /Sendgrid or the likes will probably get you shut down pretty quickly.

Start off slow and with your best data, stuff you know how opened, practise “warm up” even on shared IP’s so the ESP gets to know you and flags you as okay.

Clean your data, I personally use a more technical (less user friendly service) I also use SendGrid for my mailing and I mail in excess of 1M+ per month (but it took me a while to get there).

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Article link is dead. Thought you should know.

Here is the new link: