How do you monitored inbox reply with AWS?

Hi there,
I want to start monitor people reply and unfortunately i didn’t do it so far.

I am using amazon aws for SMTP but i am a bit lost on the IMAP option.

At the moment i have a email like that with cloudflare i forward the emails send to that mail into my real email.

And i left with 2 questions:

  1. Are you creating the IMAP with AWS? and if so how do you do it??
  2. How can i make sure i get the emails both on mautic and my email account on GMAIL / Google Workspace without losing any mails on the way.

So basicly i will be happy to know how you monitor replies on mautic.

Thanks a lot

The mailbox (for receiving with IMAP / POP3) and the AWS (for sending via SMTP / API) are not necessarily connected. You can easily setup your mailbox somewhere else and receive you responses.

Is your question related to the inbox monitoring for bounces? This can be any IMAP account - its not connected to AWS.

Hi, thanks a lot.

It seems like i can monitor the bounces at the moment with AWS so there is no problems there.

What mailbox do you use for imap? I guess my main question is how can i set it both to be contect and get my mails on gmail while have another imap for the same mail somewhere else.

Is it possible to have 2 different mail boxes that get the mails from the same email? one for mautic and one for gmail.

For sending you need no inbox. So you send with Mautic via SMTP or API and in parallel also via other services.

Responses will arrive at your inbox no matter how you send. If yours is gmail it will still receive responses there.