SMTP info to connect Mautic and AWS

Hello, guys!

I’m new here in Mautic - the program looks fine, so I decided that I will use it for my email marketing. :wink:

My idea is here:

  • add Mautic to my cPanel (on subdomain
  • open account on AWS Amazon
  • Connect Mautic and AWS
    - Send email to my subscribers!

So, now I have AWS Amazon account where I have done:

  • verified my email
  • add for verifying my domain (it’s not verified yet)

As I see in one tutorial I will also need SMTP info to connect Mautic and AWS.
BUT, here is a problem - in the AWS (new) Console I can’t find this option. Why not?

Is it a problem that my domain is not verified yet?

Thank you and regards,